Many webbased solutions I didn't write myself because a good freeware solution already exists. Why write things youself if someone else has already written it and released it with a freeware license? Everytime I do wite it myself it's just because it just doesn't meet the requirements I need or because it's simply my hobby to create a new one! Also, sometimes the license tells me not to use it within a commercial enviroment so then I need to create it myself.
I use Netbeans for writing my websites or Notepad++ for small pages.

Keep in mind, most of my pages are tested with Firefox and Chrome since Internet Explorer is not used by me :-)

The BackupPC project can be found at and I have only installed this software on a Linux enviroment. It's easy to maintain and to configure. On linux and Windows based systems you can create backups for the entire HDD by simply using rsync for the backup. BackUPPC also supports SMB and a few other protocols. I like the rsync option so I have implemented this within an enterprise network for all the Linux Servers and the Windows Servers / Desktops.
I have not created this software and am just a user of this great project!

A simple usage example will be added for Linux and Windows systems...

Ticket system
In most cases I install OSTicket. It has many features and plugins which can make the system give you more reports and other new features...
For a more advanced ticket system I install Request Tracker. This is a very advanced ticket system with many features and plugins.

Firewall Change Requests
This is a project created by me but is still under development. With this webbased solution an authorized user can request a firewall change through a website. The firewall administrators have to approve the request after which it can be implemented within the firewall. It also has an email function integrated to keep the user and administrators informed.
Every request and all the follwing actions are logged to get a complete history of all actions taken.

It also has a PDF export option to have paper forms signed for archive usage and company regulations.

Mikrotik VPN Account manager
Special solution created by me but has a commercial copyright on it so can not be published. It is used to manage multiple Mikrotiks connected to a VPN-Server. It includes changing the VPN-accounts, adding new VPN-accounts, rebooting and shutting down Mikrotiks and get log/diagnostic information from the Mikrotiks.
Website users can be maintained locally or via a Microsoft AD enviroment.

The backend uses FreeRadius so options for accounting and online statistics are available.

Mikrotik hotspot manager
When a Mikrotik is used for a wifi hotspot the users can be managed via a website. With this option a reception worker can create a hotspot account for a visitor that will e.g. only work for that day. This website is currently user based on apache basic authentication but, if requested, can be modified to have a local (MySQL) user database for it or can be connected to a Microsoft AD enviroment.

Logistics Ticketing System
Special solution created by me but has a commercial copyright on it so can not be published. System is fully integrated to a Microsoft AD enviroment. The integration is done with the use of

Oncall shift management system
Special solution under development by me but has a commercial copyright on it so can not be published. With this website it's possible to keep engineers updated when they are on standby. It's easily maintained and also has he option to generate reports.
More features are still under development like automaticly sending reports.

This is a hobby project created by me. Just visit Wobs homewizard for more information.
I have also created a Domoticz plugin for the homewizard written in Pyhton.

I have also created a few commercial websites for several companies. Since these are also restricted I am not able to comment on this or publish a URL or any other information about them.
Service Portal for an ARC
Special solution: A webbased portal to log and report service calls within a Monitoring Station. Reporting is done by email to a predefined email address or addresses and also includes options for billing the customer for the amount of requests they generate.
Since this is a comercially created solution licenses for this software go through my employer!
Domoticz is opensource domotica software which supports a lot of hardware for any home automation system. At the time of writing this I have it connected to my Homewizard via a simple console program and all is running on a Raspberry pi. It has a lot of features and I love the event system. You can use the easy blocky programming for event handling or the more advanced LUA programming language for more advanced events.
I have written a small console application for getting the data from the Homewizard into Domoticz and this also runs on my Raspberry pi. If you want this (test) software you can download it here. If you require a Windows or Linux version you can send me an email and I can compile it for you or just send you my source so you can compile it yourself on the desired platform. Keep in mind i develop in Lazarus and not in C(++) so you will need this software on your desired platform.